Are you going to live together?

If parties do not wish the consequences of the marriage under property law and inheritance law, shape can be given to the relationship by way of a cohabitation contract.

In principle, a cohabitation contract sets out financial agreements between partners living together.  Some examples are: the contribution of each of the partners to the household expenses, to which partner certain items of movable property belong, and what happens if one of the partners dies and real estate is registered in both of their names.

Having a notarial cohabitation contract may be a requirement of some authorities before certain arrangements and benefits are granted.  One can think of healthcare insurance, and the accrual of partner pension for the benefit of the other partner.

The civil-law notary or candidate civil-law notary will discuss the differences with you between marriage and living together without being married, as well as the consequences thereof.  Take into account, for example, that unmarried partners living together do not automatically inherit from each other.  The cohabitation contract will be drawn up on the basis of the discussion and the partners’ wishes.