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Real Estate Law

The civil-law notary or candidate civil-law notary assists parties in this process and informs them of the steps to be taken and the legal consequences.

Corporate Law

The civil-law notary or candidate civil-law notary advises and informs parties about legal matters that are important in the incorporation of legal entities, such as the board of directors and the representation.

Law of Persons and Family Law

The law of persons and family law is a broad and varied area of law within which the civil-law notary or candidate civil-law notary is occupied with matters including marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and wills.

Inheritance Law

Inheritance law determines who your heirs are, what they inherit and how the estate is divided.

About us

About us

We are of the opinion that a civil-law notary should be more than just an extension of a client’s wishes.
We therefore stand for legal certainty, and consider it our obligation to assist you proactively during the entire notarial process. Our mission is to translate complex legal issues for you into comprehensible results. We speak your language; literally and figuratively.
Together more than 100 years experience

— Team

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Our team has gained knowledge and experience in the notarial practice in the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire.

Kenneth F. Arends, LL.M.

Civil-Law Notary

André E. Gosselaar, LL.M.

Deputy Civil-Law Notary

Xiomara (Madelin) M. Kerpens

Notarial Assistant

Radha S. Raghoebir

Notarial Assistant

Gianni Hernandez


Lusila Mercelina

Financial Assistant

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More than just an extension of your wishes.

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