Certificate of Inheritance

Do you need a certificate of inheritance?

If your partner/husband/wife or a family member has died, and various authorities have asked for a certificate of inheritance, you can contact us for this.  Institutions including banks and insurance companies will want to find out who the heirs are, or who is authorized to dispose of the estate.  They will obtain this information from the certificate of inheritance.

Before issuing the certificate of inheritance, the civil-law notary will conduct a search.  They will find out from the Central Register of Wills (CTR) whether the deceased person made a will, and, if so, before which civil-law notary the last will was prepared.  The Civil Register will also be searched for possible marriages and children.  If necessary, the marital property register can be searched as well.  The heirs will be approached, and the civil-law notary or candidate civil-law notary will inform them about their choice and their corresponding rights and obligations.  The certificate of inheritance will be drawn up on the basis of information including the above-mentioned information.  By way of this, the civil-law notary declares who the heir is/heirs are and who is/are authorized to dispose of the property of the estate.