Identification of clients

Pursuant to statutory provisions relating to identification in case of financial services, the civil-law notary is required to establish your identity in advance, and perform a comprehensive client screening.  For the sake of certainty, first contact your civil-law… read more


Do you want to make a will? The law regulates what is to be done with the estate (the whole of possessions and debts) of the deceased on his/her death, and who the heirs are.  If a testator… read more

Starting a Business

Are you going to start a business? A starting entrepreneur will have to choose a legal form by which his/her business will be run.  There are different legal forms, each of which has its own rules.  The entrepreneur… read more

Certificate of Inheritance

Do you need a certificate of inheritance? If your partner/husband/wife or a family member has died, and various authorities have asked for a certificate of inheritance, you can contact us for this.  Institutions including banks and insurance companies… read more

Buying or Selling a House

Are you going to buy or sell a house? If you want to buy or sell a house or land, then the agreements between the parties must be recorded.  Your civil-law notary or candidate civil-law notary, who is… read more


Are you going to get married? Relationships between two persons, also of the same sex, can be formalized by marriage.  The marriage must be solemnized before a civil registrar and must be entered in the civil registers. Solemnization… read more


Are you going to live together? If parties do not wish the consequences of the marriage under property law and inheritance law, shape can be given to the relationship by way of a cohabitation contract. In principle, a… read more